AND... ACTION! LLC is a communications and marketing agency focused on addressing socio-economic and planetary areas of concern and opportunity via creative campaigns and moments which empower Me (Individual) and We (Group) to build healthier and resilient Communities.


  1. CREATE diverse and systemic opportunities for Individuals, groups, and stakeholders

  2. EMPOWER Creativity, Courage, Compassion & Commitment

  3. FACILITATE  mindsets & practices mental/emotional, performance management & creative arts practices that empower

  4. HONOR LEGACY by adding value, closing gaps, building back better and innovating - as needed.



We are a growing as-needed, passionate, compassionate, creative and results-oriented team of consultants & awesome interns

bringing wisdom, talent, skill and/or relationships!  WANT TO JOIN US - CONTACT US!

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Veronique and Joanne reconnected during COVID-19 lockdown after a 10 year gap - and decided to go get certified in Laughter Yoga -- just thought we'd share how we start our "virtual working sessions."  

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"If life is a dancer, then we are

the dance." - Veronique

"I am the product of many whose lives have touched mine, from the famous, distinguished, and the powerful to the little known and the poor."

-Civil Rights Activist 

Dorothy Height

Veronique Colette Marchal - Founder & Chief Positive Impact Officer

My core philosophies are rooted in: creativity, communication, partnership and re-purposing.  

Personally, I was born in France and French was my first language, but we moved to the USA before I could walk or talk. As a result, it seems that I have always lived with an awareness of "me" and "my way," "others" and "their way" -- how can I fit in with others, and they with me? Over the last two decades I have explored many nonviolent, compassion and life performance practices not only to become a better version of my Self, but to be of service to People and Planet for better, more beloved and sustainable tomorrows.

Professionally, I have over 25 professional years experience that have inspired me to pilot in 2006-2008 and reboot in 2020, AND... ACTION! 

I've enjoyed and grown throughout my journey working in both the private and public sectors, ranging from large global organizations to smaller ones - always in communications, public relations/media relations, corporate sponsorship, community engagement or fundraising roles . My first 10 years working in professional sports in League offices (NBA, NHL and WTA Tour) is where I began to see and learn that when it comes to raising awareness and facilitating positive socio-economic change - a multi-partner and spokes person approach is a more efficient combination than each stakeholder operating separately. More recently, I have worked with a regional land trust, helped to fundraise for the YMCA, led workplace character development

re-entry class to all-male prison inmates, served as a private in-home senior care-giver to a man who nicknamed me "007," and received a certification in Laughter Yoga. I love the varied environments that I have had the opportunity to learn and operate in over the years. 

For a full professional biography, please visit: www.Linkedin.com/in/veroniquemarchal

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Joanne Morton - Creative Expression Strategist / Positive Energy Artist

As an artist, I am here to empower people to creatively express themselves. I use art and visualization together to encourage conversation and action to create positive solutions for our lives, communities and world.

I am here to create a safe space for people to feel good inside of interactive creative workshops. Since 2010, I've been travelling across the country with my "The Manifesting Mobile" community engagement art project. I've also been the Executive Director locally where I live with the Savannah-Chatham Sustainability Coalition, hosting annual Earth Day Festivals that have evolved into a year-round creative and engagement mission to "Make Earth Day Every Day!" 

I am so excited to have Veronique AND... ACTION! co-create with towards this commitment!

People from all walks of life have come forward to contribute their vision and intentions for themselves in the world. I have seen time and time again, how creative interactive activities help people activate positive energy - transforming them from feeling stressed/discouraged to feeling relaxed/hopeful. 


When people feel good, they find it easier to be healthier, more productive and inspired to take action to uplift themselves and others.

Learn More about Joanne:


Facebook: @positiveenergyartist

Instagram: @positive_energy_artist

Linkedin: @mortonjoanne