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Our Team


Veronique C. Marchal

"Life is the dancer, and I am the dance."

I love people and listening to their stories and what they are passionate about and why. I love learning and sharing useful information, and helping one another with positive change in our lives, communities and world. I find that smiling more often helps :)


Personally, I was born in France and French was my first language. We moved to the USA before I could walk or talk - giving me a deep appreciation for "me" and "we" at all times. 


Professionally, I have over 25 years experience working in both the private and public sectors, ranging from large global organizations (NBA, NHL, WTA Tour) to smaller ones (regional land trusts and re-entry character workshops) - always in communications, public relations/media relations, corporate sponsorship, community engagement or fundraising roles .

Over the last two decades I have explored many nonviolent, compassion and life performance practices not only to become a better version of my Self, but to also be of service to People and Planet.

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Joanne Morton

Creative Expression Strategist & Positive Energy Artist

I create a safe space for people all of ages and backgrounds to feel good inside of:


Community Art Project: "Hanging Mobile Circles for Progress " 

Gratitude Circles

Affirmation Art Statement Painted Canvas

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All people can benefit from the power of finding and nurturing a positive frame of mind and feelings. 


We customize and adapt diverse modalities and trainings for the individual or group setting and goals through:

Mindfulness & meditation

Music & Sound wave healing

Movement Dance 


Human-Nature interdependence

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