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Our Team


Veronique C. Marchal

Visionary, The Me-We People-Planet Collaborative
"Life is the dancer, and I am the dance."

I love people and listening to what they care about,  and why. I love learning and sharing useful information, and helping one another with positive change in our lives, communities and world.

I find that smiling feels good :)


Personally, I was born in France and French was my first language. We moved to the USA before I could walk or talk - giving me a deep appreciation for "me" and "we" at all times - and essentially believe that I would be you if I had lived your life, and you would be me if you had lived my life -- and that realization is very humbling, inspiring, and motivating me to bring forth "Collaboration" for innovation and expanding proven practices that add value to how we become informed, how we reflect, listen and express into actions our positive desired outcomes for our lives as individuals, and as "We."  


Professionally, I have over 25 years experience working in both the private and public sectors, ranging from large global organizations (NBA, NHL, WTA Tour) to smaller ones (regional land trusts and re-entry character workshops) - always in communications, public relations/media relations, corporate sponsorship, community engagement or fundraising roles .

Over the last two decades I have explored many nonviolent, compassion and life performance practices not only to become a better version of my Self, but to also be of service to People and Planet.

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Joanne Morton

Creative Expression Strategist & Positive Energy Artist

I create a safe space for people all of ages and backgrounds to feel good inside of:


Community Art Project: "Hanging Mobile Circles for Progress " 

Gratitude Circles

Affirmation Art Statement Painted Canvas

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Our Collaborative 

NEW: The We-Me People-Planet Collaborative 

All people can benefit from the power of finding and nurturing a positive frame of mind and feelings. 


We customize and adapt diverse modalities and trainings for the individual or group setting and goals through:

Mindfulness & meditation

Music & Sound wave healing

Movement Dance 


Human-Nature interdependence

Flow State

Purpose performance management 


Creative Expression

Athletic Expression

Facilitator Collaborator Leader

Evalina Pentcheva

Sound Healing, Home Gatherings, Nature Connection

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