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Laughing together is one of the experiences we will offer at our "ME WE Happy Hours."

So... you're not into yoga or your are into yoga?

Let's clarify: The yoga part of "Laughter Yoga" is not traditional poses - even though laughing while in traditional yoga poses could be a lot of fun ... this is more of a breathing diaphragm laughing practice is proven to help to:

  1. oxygenate the blood

  2. increase happy hormones, and

  3. boost cardio health (10 minutes of non-stop laughter = 30 minutes of cardio exercise)

All humans have been given the gift of laughter - let's make good use of it, together! 😂💯

TRY THIS: Take out your cell phone and set your timer to 30 seconds and try to laugh

non-stop for 30 seconds - report back how you feel after!

EXTRA: Leave a voice mail or audio message for someone you love, know or even don't know and just laugh for 10 seconds - you know you made them smile in appreciative human astonishment for being given a gift of laughter when they least expected it!

[We are Laughter Yoga Leaders from the Laughter Yoga International University]

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