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My It: People-Planet Eco-Lover Warriors

My It is also the Me We Action inaugural "me-book."

The me-book is a creative expression expansion of a traditional "e-book."

Imagine a literary song remix arranged by an author chef using ingredients and combinations to best serve an intentional ambiance and nourishment.

-I essentially became inspired to share, adapt and evolve passages, concepts, philosophies and practices for aspirational and pragmatic life mission action planning as I had trained over with a retired Navy SEAL sniper instructor, and learned about Zen Buddhism with Thich Nhat Hanh's "Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet" - or the art of living and loving the planet. - and I wanted to put the two sources of wisdom-into-action together, and thought it would be a pragmatic and purposeful way to organize for evolving our lifestyles and communities to support happy people living with healthy planet.

From there what else wanted to join these two sources or ingredients in my me-book?

Nature Speaks, the definition of a true tribe, an inventor, a Christian minister's understanding of human effort and possibilities, and "me" and my "it" -- which involves the pragmatic aspirational intentional life planning and tribing-training together in Me We Action programs (coming soon).

Therefore, the me-book recipe became this:

  1. Read passages from interdisciplinary sources – current and historic

  2. Weave together in an exponentially powerful medicine of intergenerational wisdom not possible as separate sources - be creative and intentionally, nutritionally smart

  3. Reveal Source/ingredient list at the end of me-book reading experience so as to not influence the reader if they recognize the name or source background -- to be with the words and wisdom

  4. me-book technology tool is in development - for now, add by hand.

We thank these authors for their wisdom, courage, creativity, compassion, and commitment towards that which is beautifully powerful and vulnerable in our human-planet experience:

The inaugural me-book was launched on November 26, 2022 as part of giving thanks to all that we have and hold together in our lives and planet.

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